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When you have a small strong team of experts, free from politics and contractual details. When these people can fully focus on solving customer problems - in a creative atmosphere. That's when magic happens. That's when products that truly change something are born.
Norman Wenk
Managing Director
Norman Wenk

This statement reflects our experience. When Daniele and I met during a joint project, both as freelancers, we had such a moment. Cool people coming together in a team with a challenging task. Management had our backs. And we launched a whole web portal in no time.

In the morning, you stand in the shower and think about your problems. You already look forward to the first coffee with your colleagues to discuss your ideas. You're curious about their reactions and excited about coding together. You look forward to work and the office, and you have a fulfilling work life.

We want to create exactly this atmosphere, make room for it, and bring the right people together on the right topics. And everyone should benefit. That's the idea of dynabase.

So we founded dynabase, with 'Technologies' as the focus and in the name. Because we've been doing tech since our childhood, and tech is what drives us - in one way or another.

Today, we are about 20 people. Each has their own story, their own wishes, and goals. But everyone has that passion for tech in their hearts. From hardware-close development to abstract computer science, we cover a lot.

Over the years, it has become our strength to combine this broad technical expertise with design thinking and to manage the entire product lifecycle, from idea to marketing.

Our offer to you

It used to be desktop, then web and mobile, then the cloud, and finally IoT and AI. We have been through all these developments and are always there when it comes to trying out new things and using them professionally. Because in the end, it's nice to play around a bit, but it only gets really cool when you bring it to the market and solve real problems with it.

We are excited when people come to us and share their ideas and visions. Who is the target audience? What problems need to be solved? What is the context, both organizationally and in the market? These are the first questions we deal with.

Then we can develop a smart strategy on how to proceed. Maybe we need workshops initially to better understand customers and the market. Maybe it makes sense to prototype and get feedback early. Or we start development right away. It depends.

We have been doing all of this at a high level for years and would like to offer it to you as well.

Do you also have a vision or an idea?
Just contact us, and we'll take it from there.
We look forward to it!

Fact sheet

Facts about dynabase, brief and to the point, in black and white on just one A4 page. It's convincing. Promise.


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Norman Wenk
Managing Director
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